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Early TidyTowns Footage Unearthed!

An old reel of tape was discovered at a recent car-boot sale, showing how TidyTowns operated in Newtownforbes a century ago! 🙂 Advertisements

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What’s with all the dates?

Ever get confused by all the different ‘dates’ on your food packaging? Do you know the difference between ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ and ‘display until’ and ‘sell by’? If not, you could be throwing out perfectly good food, “just … Continue reading

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Is this a good sign?

People travel from far and wide just to be seen in Newtownforbes! Here’s a few from Boyle GAA on walkabout. 🙂 (Picture borrowed from Boyle GAA blog)

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TidyTowns Result 2011

The Newtownforbes TidyTowns entry for 2011 achieved 232 points – an increase of 9 on the previous 223 points from 2009. Congratulations to all those involved. Due to the weather and other factors outside of the TidyTowns group’s control, many … Continue reading

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